Re-Enrollment Support

COMPLETE PENN STATE: The Complete Penn State (CPS) program provides resources for students who are in their final two semesters of study and experience a situation which negatively impacts their ability to complete their degree. The program offers a variety of support services aimed at helping students complete their degree requirements and achieve their academic goals.

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In order to be eligible for CPS support, individuals must meet the following criteria:
Formerly admitted and enrolled in a degree program at Penn State *
Two or fewer semesters and 30 or fewer credits to complete degree requirements *
A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher *
Experienced a hardship that hindered degree completion *
Resolved all tuition balances owed to the University from prior academic years (If you/ the student interested in re-enrollment owes a tuition balance to the University from a prior academic year, this will need to be resolved off prior to seeking support from Complete Penn State. At this time, Complete Penn State is unable to offer assistance on past due tuition balances. For support and information on your balance and payment options, please contact the Bursar's Office:
Seeking to complete first Associate's or Bachelor's Degree *
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