Student Success Framework

Our Values

The Student Success Center is guided by the University's values as well as the values of advocacy, diversity, equity, inclusion, respect, community responsibility, and transparency. These values are operationalized in our work to propel student success initiatives at Penn State.

What is "Student Success"?

The Student Success Center within Undergraduate Education views student success as the result of data-informed and student-focused policy, procedure, pedagogy, practice, and programs that meet the following criteria:

  • enhances the educational and personal development of students
  • contributes to a University-wide culture of care
  • increases student retention and degree completion
  • prioritizes access and affordability


The Student Success Center believes student success is a perpetual goal and a shared responsibility. All student success efforts should be transparent, prioritize equity in the academic experience, enhance achievement for low-income, first-generation, and post-traditional students, and recognize the influence of intersectionality.


Student success is founded on strong and healthy relationships which are influenced by four main themes. These "themes of influence" thread their way through the student experience and affect student success. The themes are academic, personal/wellness, experiential/environment, and career/life skills. The four themes are further explained in the framework below.

Student Success Framework

Learn more about how student success is influenced and informed

Student Success Framework graphic that describes the connections between Culture, Communications, Connection, and Committment.