Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Complete Penn State program eligibility: 

  • currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at Penn State
  • one or two semesters away from completing a first associate’s or bachelor’s degree (30 or fewer credits remaining)
  • in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher)
  • experiencing a hardship that is complicating degree completion

Additionally, to be eligible for an "Open Doors" Completion Scholarship, students must have evidence of the following: 

  • a current FAFSA on file (if applicable, international students may still apply)
  • documentation that confirms an official timeline to degree completion
  • financial need for educational expenses related to the current academic year
  • record of having accepted all available aid (including Direct Loans, Parent Plus Loan, or private loans)  
  • not previously awarded the maximum "Open Doors" scholarship (typically $3,000 total)

Completion scholarship FAQs can be found here.