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Community Information and Advocacy

Student Success Center is guided by the core values of advocacy, diversity, equity, inclusion, respect, community responsibility, and transparency.


The Student Success Center within Undergraduate Education views Student Success as a shared responsibility and a perpetual goal. We believe that student success is the result of student-focused policy, procedure, pedagogy, practice, and programs that meet the following three criteria: 

  • aim to enhance the educational and personal development of students 
  • contribute to a University-wide culture of care
  • increase of student retention and graduation rates

Further, the SSC believes that all student success efforts should be transparent, prioritize racial and gender equity, seek to enhance achievement for low-income, first-generation, and post-traditional students, and recognize the impact of intersectionality. The model for this definition is provided below. 

You may view our full student success framework HERE.

The Student Success Center collaborates with partners from across all corners of the University to support students and advocate for justice and equitable pathways to success.