Complete Penn State Program

 The 23-24 Complete Penn State Scholarship Application has closed. The Application for 24-25 will reopen on August 8, 2024.

Current Penn State undergraduate students can apply for the Complete Penn State Program to receive support as they work toward completing their first associate's or bachelor's degree. As part of this program, students will be reviewed for up to a $3,000 one-time scholarship (applied over their two final semesters). The Complete Penn State Program application will also allow students to identify other complete challenges they may be facing. 

The program is guided by three principles: 

Advocacy: The Complete Penn State Program advocates for students who are working to overcome barriers to completion.

Opportunity:  The Complete Penn State Program connects students to key resources that will help them finish strong and prepare for the next chapter of their lives. 

Achievement: The Complete Penn State Program supports degree achievement for all Penn State students who need a little extra support on their way to the finish line. 

Complete Penn State Program eligibility: 

  • currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at Penn State
  • one or two semesters away from completing a first associate’s or bachelor’s degree (30 or fewer credits remaining)
  • in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher)
  • experiencing a hardship that is complicating degree completion

To be eligible for an "Open Doors" Completion Scholarship, students must also have evidence of the following: 

  • a current FAFSA on file (if applicable, international students may still apply)
  • documentation that confirms an official timeline to degree completion
  • financial need for educational expenses related to the current academic year
  • record of having accepted all available aid (including Direct Loans, Parent Plus Loan, or private loans)  
  • not previously awarded the maximum "Open Doors" scholarship (typically $3,000 total)

Completion Scholarship FAQ