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The Complete Penn State program gives hope to students struggling to pay for their final year/semester due to depleted funds.

The Complete Penn State program gives hope to students struggling to pay for their final year/semester due to depleted funds.


The Complete Penn State program is run by the Student Success Center and provides resources for students who are in their final two semesters of completing their first associate's or bachelor's degree. Complete Penn State supports students who experience a situation that negatively impacts their ability to complete their degree. The program offers a variety of support services, including re-enrollment support, aimed at helping students complete their degree requirements and achieve their academic goals.


In order to be eligible for Complete Penn State support, a student must be working towards their first associate's or bachelor's degree, and have:

  • two or fewer semesters to complete degree requirements and 30 or fewer credits remaining
  • a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • an unexpected hardship that is complicating degree completion
  • exhausted all sources of federal and state aid (optional/for financial scholarship consideration only)

Request Support

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Student Scenarios

Here are a few examples of how the Complete Penn State program supports students:

Financial Hardship

A University Park student tells an academic adviser that she must take a year off from college to work full-time to pay for her final semester. However, through conversations with the adviser, she discovers that a Complete Penn State scholarship, along with moving home to Hazleton, will allow her to save money and complete her degree in four years. She is able to take a combination of classes at Penn State Hazleton, through the Digital Learning Cooperative, and through World Campus to graduate on time.

Family Illness

A student in his last year of study was confronted with the need to return home to take care of a sick parent. Rather than taking two semesters to complete his remaining courses, he loaded up on credits (21) in one term. After earning a D in one of the courses that required a C, he left without a degree to take care of his mother. A Student Success Center coach in the Complete Penn State program worked with him to find a way to complete the remaining required course and earn his degree.

Personal Difficulty

A student is about to enter academic suspension because of a declining GPA. An adviser meets with the student and discovers that after one of his parents lost their job, he is working full-time to pay for college. A Complete Penn State scholarship allowed the student to reduce the number of hours he was working and focus more on his course work.