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Complete Penn State provided the support and influence to help me reach graduation.

Complete Penn State provided the support and influence to help me reach graduation.


The Complete Penn State program is run by the Student Success Center and provides resources for students who are in their final two semesters of completing their first associate's or bachelor's degree. Complete Penn State supports students who experience a situation that negatively impacts their ability to complete their degree. The program offers a variety of support services, including re-enrollment support, aimed at helping students complete their degree requirements and achieve their academic goals.


Complete Penn State provides support and/or financial aid to assist undergraduate students as they strive toward the graduation finish line. To be eligible for Complete Penn State support, students must:

  • be currently enrolled or be planning to re-enroll at Penn Stat

  • one or two semesters remaining to complete a first associate’s or bachelor’s degree and 30 or fewer credits remainin

  • a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA

  • a hardship that is complicating degree completion

Additionally, in order to be eligible for a Complete Penn State/"Open Doors" scholarship, students must have: 

  • a current FAFSA on file (if applicable) — international students may apply

  • documentation that confirms timeline to degree completion

  • financial need for educational expenses related to the current academic year

  • exhausted all available financial resources, including all forms of federal and state aid 

  • not previously received a maximum Complete Penn State/ "Open Doors" award

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