The Complete Penn State Program supports students navigate barriers and challenges to achieving their first associate's or bachelor's degree.

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Complete Penn State advocates for students who are working to overcome barriers to completion.

Complete Penn State connects students to key resources that will help them finish strong and prepare for the next chapter of their lives. 

Complete Penn State supports degree achievement for all Penn State students who need a little extra support on their way to the finish line. 

See what Complete Penn State participants are saying:

  • "The Complete Penn State program was able to quickly and efficiently advocate for me to be given the financial resources that I needed."
  • "I believe awarding financial assistance to struggling students is very impactful, and I am very much grateful to the Complete Penn State program. Very helpful!"
  • "The Complete Penn State program gives hope to students struggling to pay for their final year/semester due to depleted funds."
  • "The Complete Penn State program really cares about the students and is also helpful to provide other resources for financial aid."
  • "Complete Penn State allowed me to focus on my classes and activities for the rest of my senior year instead of being concerned and worried about how to pay the rest of my bill."
  • "Complete Penn State relieved the stress of paying off a balance that seemed impossible to pay."
  • "The Complete Penn State program is opening to listening to students and their needs to support them as much as they can."
  • "The most impactful aspect of Complete Penn State is knowing that there is help when trying to complete your degree. Any amount helps and I’m so grateful that some of the financial burdens have been alleviated."
  • "Complete Penn State provided the support and influence to help me reach graduation."
  • "The dedication from the Student Success Coach that I spoke with was amazing and helped me find the support that I needed."
  • "Complete Penn State is extremely helpful. The program allowed me to graduate on time and took the extra stress off my final semester."