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The Complete Penn State program was able to quickly and efficiently advocate for me to be given the financial resources that I needed.

The Complete Penn State program was able to quickly and efficiently advocate for me to be given the financial resources that I needed.

Complete Penn State - Frequently Asked Questions

Complete Penn State is a relatively new program that aims to support undergraduate students as they work towards completing their Penn State degree. Provided below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Complete Penn State program. If you have questions that are not addressed below, please contact the Student Success Center:

What are the eligibility requirements for Complete Penn State support?


The Complete Penn State program supports students who are working toward their first associate's or bachelor's degree, and have:

  • two or fewer semesters to complete degree requirements and 30 or fewer credits remaining
  • a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  • an unexpected hardship that is complicating degree completion

Additionally, in order to be eligible for a Complete Penn State/"Open Doors" scholarship, students must also have: 

  • documentation that confirms timeline to degree completion
  • exhausted all sources of federal and state aid, including loans
  • not received a maximum CPS/"Open Doors" scholarship in a previous semester

Can students with more than 30 outstanding credits be considered for Complete Penn State support?

Yes, in certain unique situations, students with slightly more than 30 credits remaining can be considered, however, they must be within two or fewer semesters/terms from degree completion/graduation.  In such cases, a student's anticipated timeline to graduation must be confirmed by their academic advisor. 

How much financial support can a student who is determined as "eligible" anticipate receiving through the Complete Penn State program?

Complete Penn State offers scholarship awards up to $3,000 for students in their final one or two semesters (leading up to degree completion/graduation). Awards are based on demonstrated financial need and the availability of “Open Doors” funding at the student’s home University Park college or Commonwealth campus.

Does the Complete Penn State program offer financial assistance for past-due balances?

Complete Penn State scholarships cannot offer financial assistance to students who have account balances from a prior academic year.  In some circumstances, we may be able to provide assistance to students with past-due balances within the current financial aid/academic year.  If you are unsure of your eligibility due to a past-due balance, please submit a CPS application and a Student Success Center Coach will contact you with more information. 

Can students who were previously awarded Complete Penn State scholarships apply more than once?

Students may request support more than once, however, Complete Penn State awards typically offer a maximum of $3,000 per student during their final two semesters leading up to degree completion/graduation. Financial assistance through the Complete Penn State program may be limited for students who were previously awarded a Complete Penn State scholarship.

Does the Complete Penn State program offer more than financial assistance?

Yes! Complete Penn State offers a variety of support services aimed at helping students complete their degree requirements and achieve their academic goals. Through Complete Penn State, our Student Success Center Coaches work with University-wide student support services to support your efforts in reaching the graduation “finish line” and beyond. 

How does the Complete Penn State program support students who are interested in re-enrolling to finish their final degree requirements? 

The Complete Penn State program advocates for students who are looking to re-enroll and complete their degree requirements. Please select "request support" on this website and complete the re-enrollment request form to connect with a Student Success Center coach. CPS eligible students seeking re-enrollment are eligible to have the re-enrollment fee waived!   

Who oversees the Complete Penn State program?

The Complete Penn State program is administrated by Undergraduate Education's Student Success Center located at University Park.  Student Success Center Coaches are available for in-person and phone appointments, which can be set up via the Starfish link on the Complete Penn State website (links coming soon). The Student Success Center works collaboratively with University-wide partners to connect students to available resources in a unified effort!  

After an official request for support is submitted, how does the Complete Penn State review process work?

Requests for support are received by Student Success Center Coaches and are reviewed and assessed in the order they are received. Response times vary during high volume periods of the semester (ex. at or around the start of a new semester or leading up to term registration). Students should keep an eye on their email for an appointment request from a Student Success Center Coach or campus support designee. Appointments are typically arranged as a brief (15 min) phone call aimed to further determine program eligibility and connect students with additional University-wide resources as determined helpful. If determined eligible, the Student Success Center Coach and the student will determine a course of action that will most often include collaboration with the student's campus and/or college of current or future enrollment.