The Student Success Center within Undergraduate Education opened its doors in July 2019. In August 2019, the center took over the central administration of the Complete Penn State program which is just one of the University's five Open Doors initiatives centered around access and affordability. Through Complete Penn State, the Student Success Center partners with 32 scholarship awarding offices and hundreds of advising and student support offices across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to help thousands of undergraduates navigate the final semesters of their degree pathway.  

While improving the process of proactively awarding Complete Penn State scholarships, the Student Success Center began building additional partnerships as well as a central understanding of student success across the Penn State community.  In July 2020, the center developed a central definition and framework for student success @ Penn State.  Additionally, our growing partnerships resulted in the development of a newly designed first-year seminar for DUS students in conjunction with DUS Advising and the Office for General Education and the launch of the inaugural First-Generation Celebration at University Park.  As we return to in-person operations in Fall 2021, we are joined by a third team member and we are thrilled to be in a new office location at 325 Boucke.  As the center continues to grow and develop our programs, services, and advocacy, we hope to provide the greater Penn State community with updates on our ongoing progress. We hope you will revisit this page to learn more about our efforts and the Penn State student we are assisting along the way. If there's anything you'd like to see on our website, we welcome your feedback at  

For more information on our Advocacy, Completion Support, or First-Generation Success, please visit these respective pages via the side menu bar.